On-Premise to Cloud Transformation

GLIDE - The Faster, More Efficient Way To The Cloud

Why Cloud?

E-Business Suite 12.1 support ends in 2021

E-Business Suite 12.2 support ends in 2030

SAP support available for a limited period

Lower infrastructure

Regular technology

Highly scalable
and secure

Increased flexibility & collaboration

A Flexible Cloud Transformation Approach For Your Organizational Needs.
80+ organizations have experienced success with Evosys Glide.

Why Evosys Glide?

How Glide Works?

We understand that implementation alone isn’t enough when it comes to on-premise to cloud transformations. Understanding your existing business processes, operations, success areas and pain points is just as essential.

Hence, based on where your organization fits within our 5-step Evosys Glide approach, we devise a customized road map for your cloud journey.

Assessment Tool
Assessment of Configuration & Customizations
Insights to Build the Expected ROI
Advisory Services
Advisory Services for Transformation
Auto Migration
of Data
Decision Support Services
Decision Support

Whether you are looking for a cloud readiness assessment or are ready to take a plunge into the Oracle Cloud world, we are here to support you.

The Evosys Glide Edge

Why Evosys?

1000+ Oracle Cloud Customers
Belonging To Diverse Industries

1500+ Experienced Consultants
Possessing In-Depth Oracle Cloud Know-How

Serving 30+ Countries Across The Globe

40+ Awards & Accreditations
Including Multiple Global Oracle Awards

Oracle Platinum Partner
Global Oracle Cloud Premier Designation