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IoT devices integrate with equipment to collect data in real-time and analyze it for decision making. Our IoT solutions provide actionable data insights that help predict critical business factors, thereby helping your business to operate in a better, more cost-efficient manner.

IoT Cloud Offerings

Key Benefits of Our IoT Solutions

  • Monitor the operations of connected assets, their health, utilization and availability to diagnose and correct problems

  • Automate asset monitoring and customer service to enhance the customer experience

  • Coordinate production and delivery logistics

  • Optimize output and reduce losses

  • Monitor and get prognostics on manufacturing equipment and production line

  • Monitor shipments, fleet vehicles, driver behaviour and costs and optimize fleet deliveries with available resources and real-time tracking

  • Enhance worker safety through monitoring of workers and environment

  • Tickets get raised automatically on equipment failure

  • Supports multiple connectivity models

Industries We Serve


IoT is key to achieving the promise of Industry 4.0. Our end-to-end IoT solution for the manufacturing sector equips businesses to:

  • Have real-time visibility into the factory, production lines and machines

  • Compare performance across factories and perform root cause analysis

  • Minimize unplanned downtime with smart predictive maintenance

Transportation & Logistics

IoT can enable the digital transformation of transportation & logistics companies by enabling them to:

  • Monitor fleet vehicles and warehouse assets

  • Eliminate manual processes through automated actions based on reactive and predictive alerts

Sales & Service

IoT can empower sales & service businesses by:

  • Improving customer satisfaction through proactive monitoring of asset health

  • Creating new channels to gather information from the products

  • Reducing time to repair by providing prescriptive suggestions to service technicians based on real-time and historic data

The Evosys IoT Edge

  • Deep domain expertise and multi-industry experience

  • Global solution provider for end-to-end implementation delivery

  • Value-based dashboards for actionable insights

  • Dedicated insights manager to deliver business value

  • Consistent after-sales service focused on customer delight

  • IoT devices and infrastructure provider

  • Focus on innovation and sharing domain expertise

  • Implementation for companies certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

  • Insights by subject matter experts during implementation

  • Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE)

  • Onsite/Nearshore/Offshore implementation model

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